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I keep thinking that it's not goodbye,
keep on thinking it's a time to fly...


Heavy suitcase = Heavy heart

Even though I mentioned in the previous post that I'm not really in the right state of mind to blog, I've been meaning to do so for quite awhile now.. Rina has also said that although now is a super busy time for myself, this is when all the interesting stuff happens.. I guess she's right.

So basically, what I've been up to lately is shopping for essentials, packing and squeezing whatever time I have left to meet up with people who matter ;-)
The packing bit is harder than I thought.. I've started putting things into my suitcase, but am procrastinating as usual.. Trying to pack as light as I possibly can, coz I read somewhere that "a heavy suitcase equals a heavy heart". And yeah, I don't wanna leave with a heavy heart :-(
Besides, I'm not gonna deny that I'll be shopping for lotsa new clothes over there.. Haha so yeah.

I've developed a sleeping disorder these past few days. Not sure if you could call it a disorder, coz I can fall asleep just fine. It's just that no matter what time I sleep at night, I will always be awake at 8 the next morning. Which is fine if I sleep before 12 every night, but definitely serves as a problem if I sleep as late as 3am doing random nothings :-/
To make things worse, I've been having trouble getting afternoon naps too. As a result, I get easily tired and easily annoyed too. Oh boy.

Seriously, trying to fully utilize all the time I have left is pretty exhausting.. There's too many people to see and too many things to do!  Aaaah.

My room's in a mess and I don't like it.

I'm being PMS-y now, aren't I? So much for sharing "interesting stuff".



kish on the chic dot com

Hahah that's right, we've been upgraded to dot com yo! No, not dot com dot my, but dot com! 
How super duper awesome is that?? :-D
Go update your bookmarks now!

Not only that, we now have personalized email addresses!
For business related matters, I can be reached at zuliana@kishonthechic.com

Wowee, like so professional liddat! Just like my MacBook Pro! HAHAHAH
I'm such a loser.

But yes, this is so exciting I just HAD to blog about it! :-D
Best going away pressie, hands down! 



Got the visa, let's vamos!

Okay I just got the email notifying me that my visa has been approved! 
This is it bebeh!! 
Booked the flight, landed a great apartment.. I guess I'm all set? I mean, there's nothing else to worry about right? :-/

Gosh. Why do I feel like there's not enough time left for everything? Boo.

Aaaaaah! These mixed feelings are driving me crazy! One minute I'll be super excited, jumping around and wanting to be in Melbourne right nowww. The next thing you know, I'd get all emo thinking of all the things I'm gonna miss and miss out on :-/
This is very confusinggg and exhausting.

There are sooo many things I wanna blog about, but I don't think I'm in the right state to do so. 

Please bear with me ya? Thanks :-)

Owh yea, pretty soon I'll have to say Bye Bye to another kind of Visa. Booooo! =( HAHAH

Now do you get what I mean when I say one moment I'll be emo, and the next I'm super hyper? Yeah.




Going professional..

Seeing as I'll be leaving tomorrow to perform the Umrah, I guess this will be my last post for 2009.
However, seeing as I'm typing this from my *ehem* new laptop, this is my very first post from my MacBook Pro! Teheehee ;-D
Yes, a going away pressie from Papa.
No, my baby Mac has not been replaced.
If I put it that way, I'm pretty sure it'll merajuk wimme and act up. It has served me well for the past 4 years and is still working perfectly fineee. I do not want to ruin the good relationship we have right now :-P
So why a new latop, you may ask? 
Wellll, as spoiled and mengade as this may sound, I sorta needed a professional-looking laptop for my Masters.
Hahah I don't think anyone would take me seriously with my hot pink, cherry2 MacBook kot. Like, seriously? :-P

And as 2010 will mark the beginning of a brand new year and a brand new chapter in my life, I felt that I wanted a new laptop that would reflect this. You see, my laptop is like my life. Everything is in it. Well, almost. But you get what I mean.
If someone were to get hold of my MacBook and go through everything in it, they could most definitely read me like a book! All the pictures, files, calendar entries etc represent a certain period of my life. And they are constantly there to remind me of all the good memories, and sometimes even the not-so-good ones.
So I believe the best way to move on in life and to get over the past is by starting anew. And symbolically, I do this by getting a new laptop. A fresh clean slate. A new canvas to paint ;-)
I've learnt this through experience.. When my hard disk crashed the last time and I lost every single thing in my laptop, I guess it was Allah's way of telling me to move on and leave the past behind me. Hahah and yes, if you remember well enough a few days later that's when I broke up with H. Everything happens for a reason they say ;-) hehehe

Okay I think I've rambled on way too much already.. So with this, I would like to welcome my new MacBook Pro into the family.. May we have a great adventure starting next year! :-D

Baby Mac (R) and MacBook Pro (L) which is yet to be named.. Any suggestions? 

So yes, have a good year ahead everyone! I'm really looking forward to 2010, and I hope you are too! :-D



Ze torch ginger.

Bunga Kantan2

Okay just another one of those random posts from me. This time featuring a special kind of flower - bunga kantan.
So I'm not the kind who really likes getting flowers (rare, special occasions are exceptional though :-P) but I must admit these are really pretty and I wouldn't mind coming home after a long day to find these on the kitchen counter. Hee ;-)
At least they're not just a pretty sight, but edible too! Okay, I sound like a flower-eating monster now :-/ Hahah

PS: I also just realized this flower looks a lot like the one on Kish on the Chic's logo! ;-D


Delayed gratification Part 2.

Ooh, looky what was waiting for me when I got home today!
Not exactly the same, but they are pretty close to what I wanted.. :-P


Heh. Leave it to Jo to (yet again!) get me a birthday pressie in DECEMBER :-P
But yes, thank you!

Now, where can I get those diamante thingies to jazz these up? I want my phone to be blinging off tha hook yo! Coz that's how I roll ;-D hahah

ZZ and her BB

Tuesdays with Zizi.



I sorta made a pact with myself not to shop for unnecessary clothes/shoes/bags/accessories til I fly off to Melbourne.
Instead, I'm indulging in yummy sweet treats <3
Hey, whatever makes me happy okay? ;-)


Less than two months left.

Dear Ms Zulkiflee Abbas,
Congratulations! I am delighted to offer you admission to the University of Melbourne as an international student.

and then...

Dear Zuliana,
Congratulations and welcome to the University of Melbourne! Thank you kindly for your Acceptance Agreement and tuition fee payment received recently by this office. Please find attached a copy of the electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) document issued by the University of Melbourne.
We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Melbourne community upon your arrival and sincerely hope that you enjoy your time here.

Woo hoo! Finally after what seemed like a long and tedious process, I have received my eCOE from Uni Melb! :-D
Yes, the initial plan was to pursue my masters at RMIT, but a few weeks later I received an offer from Uni Melb.. And although the RMIT deposit had already been paid by then, the offer was undeniably hard to resist!
So now instead of one and a half years, I will be in Melbourne for two years! Yippeee!

Me and Mama went to Melbourne last month for a week to look for an apartment to stay.. Hehe yes, kata eager beaver! And luckily enough for us, we found one! If we hadn't, I would've felt really bad... It was a good trip and since this time around we didn't have a *ehem* tourguide, we had to put our navigation skills to the test. 'Twas not bad hey.. I kneww the many trips to Melbourne last year would come in handy one day :-P
Although I must admit I was kinda sad when I read Mama's text to Papa that read "This time no Johann so we have to pandai2 lah.." Boo.

Okayyyy, moving onnnnnnn..

Let's check out pictures of Concept Blue, shall we? It's a very nice apartment on La Trobe Street and within walking distance to RMIT, Melbourne Central and the State Library.. If I had chosen RMIT, I could just walk to class... Cool rite? But oh well, the ever so optimistic Mama thinks I'm probably destined to meet someone at Uni Melb! Hahahaha macam-macam lah.. :-P

The main door on the left, and the kitchen.

Concept Blue 2
Check out the view!

PS: Pictures shown are to give a rough idea what the apartment looks like, and are not of the actual unit ;-)

Niceee right? Heheh it's very modern with lotsa glass.. And the best part is, the two bedrooms have a connecting door! Sound familiar? Yupp, just like at home! ;-) hee.

So yes, the part I'm most excited about now is moving into our new apartment! Choosing furniture, kitchen appliances, pretty plates, bowls, mugs, and colourful cushions too! :-D :-D
Tak sabar nyaaa!

Okay, enough updates for now..




Remind me again, why?

Hey, remember me?

The girl who loves making lists for everything? Be it to-do lists, wish lists, guest lists, things to buy lists, things to bring list, places to eat lists, I had a weird enthusiasm for it all :-P

A funny thing has happened though, I hardly ever compile lists anymore.. I can't recall when this started happening. It's like all of a sudden I just stopped doing it. And right now, I can't decide whether I miss doing it, or whether I am relieved to know that I've made it this far without a list for everything. (Nope, still no Ultimate Melbourne list!)

Another thing I stopped doing is updating my iCal thingy.. You know, the calendar/planner application on my MacBook.
I used to record every single occurrence, from lunch dates to night outs, to threading and hair salon visits, car service appointments and even the odd dentist visit.. It was such a fun thing to do, with all the colourful labels for different categories. Then I would compare my calendar entries by weeks and months... Such a loser, I know :-P
But from the end of August, nothing has been updated. I don't know, I just lost my interest in recording day-to-day incidents I guess..

I think I've reached the point where I'm getting tired of keeping a record of every single part of my life. And yes, this can also be seen in the declining frequency of my blog updates :-P

I've decided to rely more on my memory now. After all, I'm still young and my memory isn't that bad....
When you think about it, is every single part of the present and past relevant in the future? Probably not, right?

As of now, I wanna look at it this way: The things I remember are the things I'm meant to remember and if I don't remember, then it probably wasn't worth remembering in the first place :-)

So yeah. Let's see how it goes...


For the blondie in me :-P


Hahahaha :-P



My first one way ticket.

*takes a deep breath and exhales*

Flight has been booked.

Kuala Lumpur > Melbourne

Monday, 1 February 2010

This is all happening too fast :-/



Delayed gratification ;-)

To those of you who have yet to get me a birthday present and are intending to, this post is specially dedicated to you! :-D awwwwww...

If you're still scratching your head, figuring out what to get me for my birthday then you have certainly come to the right place.

I now present to you.... My dream BlackBerry covers!

Vaja light sky
Light Sky

Vaja candlelight peach
Candlelight Peach

Seriously, I can't decide between these two colours.. There are a lotttt more available, but these are the shortlisted ones.
Soooo very pretty kan? :-D
Either one will do actually, but if you wanna get both you are very much welcome also... Hee.

If you're interested in getting me this, just private message me and I shall give you the details okay? Hahahaha

Thankie youuu in advance! :-D

(I don't usually write syok sendiri posts like this, mind you... Hehe but I really x22 want thisss! So yes.)

*kish kish*


I'm sure by now you all know that I'll be going to Melbourne next year..
Upon receiving the great news, I was overwhelmed with happiness.. Like, obviously! This is what I've been wanting for god knows how long..
But now that the idea has sunk in a little, I can't help but feel a tug-of-war of emotions going on inside me..

Sometimes when I think about it, I get super excited about all the new things I'm gonna get to experience: moving into my own apartment, living in a city I absolutely love, starting a new chapter in my life...

But then there are times when I tend to get all emo about it.. The thought of being far, far away from my family and friends, being homesick, the fear of not being able to adapt to the changes... It just scares me.

I guess it's pretty normal to feel this way, yes? However, it's a good thing that right now the good points outweigh the negativity in me.. But still.
I'm pretty sure by now you know I'm the kind of person who likes being in her comfort zone and is skeptical about change.. So this is definitely one biggg step for me.

As of right now, I'm still figuring out how I should feel about this whole thing.. And yes Linny, that's why I'm not as excited about winter wear as Shasha is :-P

I'm devastated that Zizi and Sha Sha will be leaving for Melbourne next year. Yet I'm also tres excited about it at the same time. Although I'm not the one who will be buying boots and coats and cold weather apparel, it's still exciting to think of the prospects. And since that's what's exciting the girls the most at the moment (at least for Sha anyway) here's my lust list...

extracted from: Boots, coats and cold weather wear...
Posted by Lin
Oct. 25th, 2009 at 10:31 AM


Kish on the Chic: Collection 02

Just a lil teaser on what you can expect to see in Kish on the Chic's upcoming collection...


The colours turned out sooo pretty I think I can just dieee! Hahahah
Yes, yes.. I am super excited bout releasing the next collection.. Can you tell? :-D
Okay, just thought I'd share my excitement witchu all.. Heehee

Til next time!



Woooo hooooooooo!!!

An offer letter from RMIT came in today!!!
OMGGG was literally jumping out of bed to tell Sha the good news.. Heehee
So yes, I will be doing my Masters in Environment and Planning in Melbourne next March!
Omgggg this feels surreal and my head is still spinning....

But I'm sooo happy and exciteddd! Heeeee



The road and the dreaded fork in it.

Okay, here I am at the point of my life where I'm at a crossroads.
I don't think I've ever really been at one, coz I am (was?) the type who knows what she wants, and works towards getting it.
For as far as I can remember, I've always had a certain plan. I am not used to all this "go with the flow", "we'll cross the bridge when we come to it" kinda thing that guys infamously implement on you.
I need certainty, I need security.

So here's the story.
After SPM when everyone was struggling to decide what they wanted to do in life, I already knew. The post-SPM trip to Melbourne in December 2004 resulted in me falling in love with the city and had me determined that I would one day go there to further my studies.
Due to some circumstances, I did not get to do my degree there. But no worries, I told myself. I would do some post-graduate course over there, as soon as I was done with my degree. Back then, I was aiming for the Advanced Diploma in Retail Design course offered at Swinburne.
Boy was I disappointed when they suddenly decided to discontinue that course late last year.
But sokay, I said. I have time to consider other options. I still had one more year to complete my degree anyways..

Fast forward to the day I completed my degree.
At this point, I was extremely exhausted and worn out from the final year workload. You could prolly say the final year of my degree scarred me to the point where I didn't want to do anything involving interior architecture and design. I had enough. Just the thought of it totally put me off. I know I may be exaggerating and stuff, but yeah.

However, the desire to further my studies in Melbourne remained. In fact, it was stronger than ever.
When my passion for interior design dwindled, my interest in sustainability and environmental issues concerning the built environment heightened. And that's why I decided I would pursue a Masters Degree in Environment and Planning.

But to this very day, I stillll have not heard from any of the universities I applied to, and I am getting more and more anxious about it.
I don't know what to do about this. I think I've bugged my agent enough already. Mama Papa have suggested I consider other options, but I don't think anything else interests me.. You can't simply do your Masters in something you're not interested in right? There won't be a driving force to complete it.

Actually I wouldn't mind if I didn't pursue a Masters Degree and instead take up something like culinary arts, specialising in patisserie or even a course in jewellery design.. Thing is, Papa wouldn't be too happy about it and I would have to live with the guilt of not living up to his expectations and letting him down.. It's just the pressure of being the first child and stuff.
I know there's this part of me that would be content doing things like setting up my own jewellery line (expanding Kish on the Chic, perhaps?) or even running my own little pastry cafe.. I know I can be happy doing that.
But then, there's this other part of me that tells me I am capable of much more than that. I want to promote sustainable development. I want to contribute to the community and make a difference.

I could apply for other universities in Australia that offer courses similar to Environment and Planning, but the problem now is that it has to be Melbourne! Not Adelaide, not Sydney, not Perth. This is coz Sha has already received an offer letter from RMIT and going to another state would just defeat the whole purpose of persuading her to continue her studies in Australia kan?

I don't know why there are so many obstacles getting in the way of me studying in Melbourne. From the very start, they begin to appear one by one. But now, I've reached the point where I don't care what happens, I am definitely going to Melbourne next year. This one is an absolute must. I just don't know what I'll end up doing there :-/

Ya Allah, please help me....



Remainder, reminder.

You remind me of a guy that I once knew...


Just a few reasons..

..why October is my favourite month of the year :-D

Nenek and Baby Sara's birthday..




MY birthday..
Celebration with the family
@ Monte's, BSC

I love this pic <3

My homie for lifeee!



Linny doesn't look preggers here ;-)

Celebration with the besties
@ Frames Reminisce, TTDI Plaza

Pavlovaaa, me faves! :-D


Year of the rabbit.. Hee



Hari Raya openhouse..


Ze Mighty Blue Team!

The 'Awww' Factor ;-)





And the arrival of Baby Ahmad Izlan!

My first nephew :-)

We got him the stripey knot hat.. Nawww so cute!


Yupp, it's the time of the year when I feel truly, truly blessed :')



Awesome Sum Up

 Am I supposed to put my life on hold
Because you don't know how to act?
And you don't know where your life is going?
Am I supposed to be torn apart
Broken-hearted in a corner crying?
Pardon me if I don't show it.


Kish and tell..

Okay so if you've been wondering what I've been so occupied with over the past few weeks, to the point of abandoning my blog.. Here's the answer:

Logo by EC

Our pretty logo, hand drawn by Erin Chong

Remember back in July I started rediscovering my interest for making jewellery in attempts of finding the "Ambitious Zizi"? 
Well yeah, Sha and my three other college mates (now biznezz partners) did the same and ta-daaaa Kish on the Chic was born! :-D
I must admit, it took a long time to start up coz we faced a few issues along the way.. Figuring out a name was the hardest part of all! Hahah being design school graduates, the designing part was a breeze though..

I could go on about Kish on the Chic, but I think it's best if you head on to the Kish on the Chic website for further information.. There's a reason we made it so nice and pretty! ;-)

Header 2D

So yes, a huge thanks and a biggg 'Kish on the Chic' goes to everyone who supported us along the way, giving suggestions, encouragement and also sponsorship (Daddy!).. Hahah :-D
We're hoping the support doesn't end there, if you know what I mean...

Founder, Designer
Kish on the Chic


Something on the side..

Okay here goes.. I have a confession to make.

I am guilty for abandoning and cheating on my blog.

Yes, I admit I'm having a side dish. And things are starting to get pretty serious.

But I swear soon all of this will make sense... And my blog will forgive me for doing it.
Believe me when I say I promise I have a good reason for going astray ;-)

Hahah owh man, I sound like an ass.


Hats off to me!

Woo hoo! I have graduated yo! :-D

Can you spot the paparazzo? ;-)

So yes, the day I couldn't wait to fast forward to finally came!
The funny thing is, it felt like it was played in super fast motion!
The ceremony was over before I could even get the whole feel of it...
You know, a bit like this post right here. Hahaha :-P

 (okay fine, a more elaborate version will be up.. if I get around to writing one :-P)




Is it too late to remind you how we were?
But not our last days of silence, screaming, blur..



Berry mash.

So not too long ago I got myself a BlackBerry.. My previous phone kept acting up and although I told myself I'd wait til next year, an opportunity came up where Papa offered all of us new phones.. So why let it pass, rite? :-)
I was contemplating between an iPhone 3Gs and a BlackBerry Curve.. And boy did I have a hard time deciding...
I wish I could somehow have both, but I didn't wanna push my luck of course ;-P

So I decided to get a BlackBerry mainly coz of its BlackBerry Messenger feature.. Like so cool rite can message all BlackBerry users for freee? :-D
I've never had a super canggih phone before coz usually I'd choose form over function (you know, pretty pink phones....) so this time I was pretty exciteddd!

The thing I like about it is how I'm alwaysss connected! It's nice knowing I won't miss out on anything.. Heheh coz no matter where I am, I can always receive e-mails, Facebook notifications and update my Twitter (yes, to those of you who didn't know.. I succumbed. T___T).
Got MSN Messenger also! I remember last time when Jo first got his BB, we were chatting on MSN one night while I was doing my assignments.. Talking, talking, talking.. Then the next thing you know he asked me to go down and open the door coz he was outside.. Thinking he was at home all this while, I was like, "Don't lieee! Where can??"
Obviously I didn't believe him! Turns out he WAS outsidee so I panicked coz I was wearing my pyjamas and looking rather masam.. Hahahah but I can't deny I was happy to see him :-D teehee.

So that's the good stuff about it..

But always being connected also means that if your phone is quiet... Nothing is going on.
It means no one is calling you.
It means you're not receiving any texts.
It means no one is sending you e-mails.
It means no one sent you a Facebook message or wrote on your Wall.
It means no one is messaging you on BB Messenger.

And when that happens, you can't help but feel... Sad.

You can't think he didn't text you coz he might've ran outta credit..
Or go "Maybe he sent me an e-mail but I haven't checked it yet.."
Or think that he wrote something cute on your Wall but you have yet to log into Facebook..

Yes my friends, having a BlackBerry leaves no room for doubt.
And realizing that is pretty darn scary.


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